Loyalty Programs


When it comes to making your company more profitable, a one-size-fits-all solution just won’t cut it.


With over ten years of real-world experience in providing loyalty programs across many industries, we have created and refined a system that helps increase profitability by creating different incentives for different types of customers. Our system is extremely flexible, and chances are, if you can dream it up, we can make it happen. If you are interested in loyalty, and don’t quite know what you want or where to start, call or email us and we will help you design your perfect program.


Your vision of the perfect loyalty program brought to life.

Tailored to Your Business

Each loyalty program is tailored to fit the way you do business. Reward customers based on dollars spent, number of visits, birthdays and other demographic information, lifetime purchase history, or sales during specific time periods.


Unlimited Possibilities

There are endless options when it comes to designing your program. Create unlimited reward levels to keep customers interested. Customers earn rewards automatically. Reward with discounts, merchandise, cash-back, rebates, or anything else you can think of!


Integrated Marketing & Registration Tools

We give you all the tools you need collect and use your loyalty data. Easily integrate balance check and cardholder registration pages into your website. Then, use integrated marketing from Constant Contact helps you send targeted messages to your customers. Learn more.


Add Loyalty to your Gift Cards

You can store both cash and reward points on a single card, opening up a lot of creative possibilities for you and your customers. Rewards are stored right on the card as gift card value, encouraging repeat purchases. 

Designing Your Program

Loyalty programs fall into three broad categories: Instant Reward, Graduated, and Rebate. Here are three examples of how each type of program works. 

Instant Reward

Instant Ice Cream's instant reward program.

Every time a customer buys an ice cream cone at Instant Ice Cream, they earn one point. At ten points, they receive an instant reward and their points return to zero automatically. At ten points, $3 is stored on the loyalty card instantly and automatically. Customers will use their loyalty card to pay for a small ice cream cone for their next visit. Instant Ice Cream has a simple pricing structure and normally deals with small ticket items and repeat purchases. Instead of using a punch card, a loyalty card reduces fraud and allows them to track customer activity in a meaningful way for marketing purposes.

Graduated Rewards

Graduated Garden Supply's graduated rewards program.

At the Graduated Garden Supply, customers earn a point for every dollar they spend. At 100 points, a loyalty customer can redeem their points for a pair of gardening gloves or they can keep earning until they reach 500 points, which earns them four free tickets to the local botanical gardens. The customer can also choose to keep earning for the big prize at 1000 points: a $75 Graduated Garden Gift Card. Graduated rewards are perfect for customers who spend differently and shop at different frequencies. Rewarding customers based on the total amount spent, and offering different prize levels, keeps every customer interested and feeling appreciated.

Rebate Programs

Rebate Retail's rebate program.

At Rebate Retail, every time customers make a purchase, a percentage of the amount they spend is stored as cash on their loyalty card. Every day is different at Rebate Retail: weekends are always busy, but during the week, sales are slower. To encourage customers to shop during slow business hours, customers can triple their rebate by coming in between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. After 5 until closing, it's double rebate percentage. A rebate program is a perfect fit because Rebate Retail has specific slow times that they want to speed up. Their loyalty program encourages customers to spend in a way most beneficial to the company. 

Ready to start brainstorming?

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