Our solutions are customized to fit the way you do business.

We understand that a “one size fits all” approach cannot effectively address the needs of companies in specialized industries. That’s why we offer a variety of stored-value technologies and services that can be applied in many creative ways to provide unique solutions to unique businesses.

Sales of digital gift cards (email and mobile gift cards) are growing at 200% per year. Your customers expect to be able to do a lot more than just sell plastic gift cards. Using Smart Transaction Systems your app can:

  • Be compatible with gift cards sold in-store, online and through gift card malls.
  • Be media agnostic: support email mobile and physical gift cards.
  • Instantly create a digital gift with value on it from any device.

And we’ve got a highly customizable Loyalty platform that allows you to offer customer loyalty programs to online and brick & mortar merchants. Our system takes care of all of the business logic for you. We keep track of everything from points to reward levels.

For merchants that want to stay connected with their customers, we have prefab card registration pages and we can also automate event (e.g. birthday) rewards with cash or point rewards. Our integration with Constant Contact gives the merchant the option to create email campaigns to their customers.

With our APIs, your app can support any or all of the following transaction types:

  • Gift Card Activation
  • Gift Card Redemption
  • Balance inquiry
  • Void
  • Force Sale (Deduct whatever is left on the card if the requested amount exceeds the balance.)
  • Digital/e-gift activation (we generate the number and add value to it for you)
  • Loyalty Accrual (add points)
  • Loyalty Redemption (deduct points)
  • Cardholder Statement (complete gift and loyalty transaction history with current balance)
  • Cardholder Registration (add or update contact info to a card/account by including the information with activation or redemption transactions)

Use our existing web pages to round out your program. We make it easy to embed them into a merchant’s web site.

  • Card Balance
  • Cardholder Statement
  • Cardholder registration
  • Turnkey online gift card store that is also listed on
  • Facebook integration making it possible for the merchant to sell gift cards from their Facebook page.

Integration is everything in our business so we have made it our goal to make it as easy as possible for you to add allow your users to process gift and/or loyalty cards in your app. With our developer’s libraries and APIs, you can complete testing and development quick and easily.


We have APIs for all kinds of developers.


Java Developer

iOS (Swift 3)


Microsoft Visual Studio Developer

None of the Above (You rebel!)