Customer Registration Pages

Part of a successful gift or loyalty card program is tracking customer data. We have both standard and custom integrated registration pages.



Capture customer data for targeted marketing campaigns.


Track your best spenders and offer rewards.

Card Replacement

Card registration enables customers to replace cards if lost or stolen. 

Two Registration Page Options

Our registration page features integrate seamlessly with your website. Your customers never see our web address and never leave your site. We provide standard versions of the pages, or you may design custom pages if you have specific requirements. 

Standard Registration Pages

With a Standard Registration Page, we provide you and your web developers with an easy and accessible way to make your gift and loyalty cards a part of your website. You and your web developer can easily include the following types of pages to match your website:

  • Card Balance Pages: Cardholders can check gift and loyalty card balances.
  • Card Statement Pages: Cardholders can view a complete history of when and where their card has been used.
  • Registration Pages: Customers can register their loyalty or gift card, allowing you to collect customer data & replace lost or stolen cards.

Custom Registration Pages

We will work with you and your web developer to set up a custom registration page tailored to your needs.

  • You decide what and how much information you want to collect from your customers.
  • After registration, customer information is instantly added to your customer database in our system.
  • Customer data is emailed to you in a spreadsheet format on a daily , weekly, or monthly basis.
  • In some cases , data can be sent directly to a 3rd party marketing company that you are already working with.


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