Convert Your Cards

Your gift cards stay the same. Everything else gets better.

If you’re unhappy with your gift card provider, you can switch your current card numbers over to our system. The benefits are that you can keep using your current gift cards, even if you’ve been issuing them for years, and you can enjoy better service and costs from Smart Transaction Systems.


What to Expect

What to expect when converting your cards.

While there is no guarantee that your gift cards will be compatible with our system, virtually all gift cards work with us.

To get started, send us a gift card to test.

Smart Transaction Systems
Attn: Conversions
2500 30th Street, STE 303
Boulder, CO 80301

If you’d prefer to send your card data by email, contact us for instructions. Once we’ve confirmed your cards will work on our system, we’ll request a file from you containing all your card data.